Developing Fuel Strategy While Training With Hansons (Read 177 times)


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    I don't see how the fact you're "doing Hansons" is relevant to the question. You probably don't need fuel on a 20-mile training run anymore than you do on a 16 mile MP run. So if you're taking Gu on a training run, whether it's a 20 miler or a 16 miler, you're doing it just to make sure it agrees with you. It won't  give you much data about how much fuel you'll need during the race or how your body will react to trying to take in fuel while running 26.2 miles at marathon pace.


    Well, so how would one get data about how much fuel is needed during the race, besides racing?  I only get to do a couple a year; I really hate to keep having bad experiences with them as I experiment.

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      If anything you should be practicing fueling during the MP "tempo runs". I don't fuel during the long runs and practice fueling during the tempos. I mean if you are doing the 8 miler with 2 up and 2 down. That's 75% of the distance of the longest tempo anyways, but it has that MP in there. That way you can see what you react to when running hard, not just getting out and doing 16 miles.


        Why not just use the guidelines the gel gives?  I follow the rule of 1 gu every 45 min.  There's another gel that recommends 1 gel for each 5 miles.  I have had good luck (or things went according to plan!) when following these guidelines.


        I think there is also a formula out there for figuring it out based on body weight.  Obviously a 200lb guy has different needs than  a 110lb woman....