Create Route Manually - toggle on/off (Read 28 times)

Barefoot Baba

    When creating a run route map, I see the button for switching the tool from automatically identifying a route along known roads and paths to manual.  That comes in handy when I need to include a path that I know about and use but that the map doesn't recognize.  However, I usually just need to use that for a small cut-through and then would be back to major roads or paths.  Once I click to manual though, it seems I'm just in that mode for the remainder of the route.  It would be very helpful to be able to toggle to manual and then toggle back to auto, rather then just switching on to manual for the full route.

      You can toggle back.  Go to the icon to the left of the "Create manual route" - the one with the foot and the highway.  Click on that and you're back into road mode.