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    Road To Beijing. Posted this at the swamp (2K club), but i thought i'd post it here as well. Saw this on a thread on Let's Run. Very cool stuff!

      Thanks Steve, cool story!
        I've been following this guy for almost a year now. He mentions on the front page the amount of anger he has stirred up among the running community. Certainly I first came across his story on a thread on Runners World UK entitled "Are you inspired by Alex Vero’s ambitions, or slightly insulted? 3 hour marathoner wants to make British Olympic Marathon team in 2008" where a lot of people seemed quite annoyed. I'm so pleased for him that he did so well at Amsterdam after his disappointment at Paris. He set himself a huge challenge and its great to see that he's not given up completely after seeing it slip away from him.
          results = effort x ability On the extremes, you get zip if you have great ability but no effort or great effort but little ability. My take is he's giving the country's elites a public poke in the ribs in regard to effort. If the results are coming up short, then either effort or ability (or both) is lacking. He doesn't appear to have the natural ability to compete with elites, so he's providing an example of maximum effort. I'm guessing that the running establishment doesn't like it, because it points out they're not choosing the right runners or the ones they have chosen aren't putting in the effort required to rise above on the international level. Not the sort of spotlight they want shining on them.

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