Cannot copy an old Training Program (Read 37 times)

Pablo Miguel

    Hi Eric,


    I'm trying to copy an old training program to adapt it for a new race and cannot do it.


    Browser: Firefox 36.0.4

    Mac OS X 10.9.5

    No error message


    I select "Training Plans"

    I only have 1 training plan, named "Lydiard Running Wizard Marathon 4/27/2014'

    I select the plan, once the plan is displayed I click on the "copy" button

    A message box opens up: Copy training plan / Please specify name for the new training plan / Name: ____

    After I introduce the name I click on the "copy" button, the system shows it's processing the request, and when it finishes I'm in the same plan I wanted to copy, not the new one.

    I select Training plans again hoping to see the copied plan in the list, but I only have access to the old plan.


    I'm I doing something wrong?

    Can you assist?


    Thanks for help.

    And congrats on your great site!



    eric :)

      Hi Pablo,

      What you described is a bug.  You should not be allowed to copy it because it is a commercial plan.


      eric Smile

      Pablo Miguel


        Understood. thanks for your reply.