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    For my log, I created a new run category called Trail Race. However, only the runs that are categorized as Race are included in personal records. I like to keep both race types separate. I noticed there is a check box to indicate if you don't want to include a race in a PR. However it would be great if there were also some way to include a race that isn't normally included in PR's. For instance, I've never run a 50k road race, but have a number of 50k trail races. But since I've categorized them as trail races, the distance doesn't show up in my PR's. If there were a check box to add individual runs or a whole category of runs to PR's, that would be wonderful! Thanks!
    eric :)

      Sarah, Right now, only races are used to tabulate your PRs. What you're looking for is the ability to differentiate between terrain types (asphalt vs. trails). The log cannot do this right now. Conceptually it's easy to add but a little harder if decent performance is expected from this code. I will need to think about how best to do this. eric Smile