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    When importing GPS data (Garmin 405), it would be nice to have a default equipment (shoes) defined.

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      True. I never wear the same shoes that I wore yesterday, so the default shoe is always wrong for me on the first track entered (when entering manually), but when I've recorded multiple workouts -- eg, warmup, race, warmdown -- then I almost always wore the same shoes for all of them, so the default shoe (as happens manually) is convenient for the 2nd workout, 3rd workout, etc.

      It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

      eric :)

        There are a bunch of options/customizations that I need to add for GPS import.  I'll add them when I get a chance.


        eric :-)


          just wanted to say i would love to have a default equipment option on gps import, or a way to select all workouts when editing so that i can edit my equipment all at once instead of doing this several times.


          awesome job on the site, this combined with my gps are great training tools.





            I second that! I have wished for Defaults for Equipment for quite a while now.

              I have wished for this feature for a while now

              Default to last equipment please

                Was this ever added? The ability to set a piece of equipment (shoes) as default so that every time I run those shoes are assigned the miles?