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    My friend used to say: "I flip off the bikers when I run, and the runners when I bike!"

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      I acknowledge people who move across to let me through or drivers that let me cross. Although those pedestrians that walk line abreast the pavement normall get a 'ffs' mumbled at them under my breath - I know I shouldn't do it - but it might help me introduce some interval training!!
        It drives me nuts when I smile/ nod/ wave at another runner, and they don't do the same! ... I used to pound on trunks of cars when they cut me off, but I had to stop due a promise to my husband ! C'mon folks, runner comradery! Wink
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          I "high-five" runners..
            usually most people do the nod, I wave to cars that let me cross first, and always "thanks" to the really nice folks who hold their dogs when I pass by Smile

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              I do my best to be polite, especially if someone goes out of their way to allow room for me. My most appreciated gesture was once a man was on his riding mower and as I got close to his yard, he stopped and waited for me to go by. He was the only one I've ever seen do that. Most of the time I just venture out into the road a little more to avoid the possible flying debris. I also won't step on freshly mowed grass, I don't want to squish it into the sidewalk or street and make it difficult for the homeowner to sweep.


                I actually don't wave so much anymore. I used to wave at everyone in my small town in Connecticut- people in their yards, people walking, and people driving by, even if I didn't know them. Then I moved to Miami 3 years ago and learned my lesson. I waved at a van for letting my cross the road and they thought it was an invitiation to pull up alongside me and try to pick me up. As in literally get me in the van. Nothing like turing an easy run into a tempo run. Needless to say I was freaked to run for awhile and even joined a gym to avoid the non-runner friendly streets. Other times I'd say hi when I passed someone walking and they stopped and stared me down like they had never seen a runner before. Creepy. In my neighborhood now there are a lot more runners and bikers but they still aren't very friendly. At first I waved, especially at people who I saw frequently, but now I only wave or say "good morning" if someone makes eye contact first. It's just not a friendly place. I still make an effort to say thanks when someone holds their dogs or moves out of the way since it's a rare occurance. Usually they are so wrapped up in themselves that they don't even look for people in the sidewalk when they pull out of the shopping centers. Sometimes I really miss CT, especially in the summers. Not so much in the middle of winter though Smile
                  i always say or wave a thank you if someone moves for me or a car lets me go. but i barely ever wave, nod etc to other runners here. it was fine in the uk when i might on a good day see two or three other runners on a run. but here on the waterfront i might easily pass 100+ runners on an evening 10k run. i just don't have the energy or patience to smile, nod, say hi every 20-30 seconds. at first i thought other runners were grumpy here - but i really get why now. on the other hand here i feel much more part of a running community. but we don't need to say hi to each other to feel that - we're out there doing it.