Adding a second watch to account (Read 31 times)

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    My Garmin 310XT has served me well, but I now have a Garmin 35 to play with so I want to be able to upload its data RA as well.

    I'm on a PC which has Garmin Express on it.

    I added Connect to my phone and linked the 35 to it.


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      Do your setup (in whatever manner you prefer -- be it Garmin Express [pc] or Garmin Connect [ios/android] -- to have all your Garmin devices upload to Garmin Connect.


      If you don't already have it in in place...setup the integration between Garmin Connect and RunningAhead.  (RA Log > Tools > Applications)


      Data from your Garmin devices, regardless of which one it is, uploaded to Garmin Connect will then flow to RA.

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        Don't know if it made a difference or not, but I disconnected and then reconnected the link and then the second watch showed up.