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    I'm guessing this is where random run reports go? At coolrunning, we had a run report section... anyways, I just wanted to share how awesome my hill workout was last night. There is a hill that my running group does that is killer. It goes on and on but we usually only do one minute of it and stop. I haven't been able to make it on monday nights in awhile, so I've been running hills either on my own or not at all. Wow, what a difference it makes to do it with a group. I even got a babysitter so I could do this workout. We did 8 reps really hard. I thought my chest was going to explode! Surprised I love/hate that feeling. Glad I didn't eat too much or I might have been feeling nauseous too. The great thing was that I ran 18 miles on Sunday and I was still able to do the workout with not too much difficulty. Thanks for letting me share. Smile
    Chris UK

      You did a hot pace on that 18 miler too. Time to race!! Cool


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