05/07/2024 -- Workout Not Uploading from Garmin (Read 96 times)


    No activities have uploaded since yesterday morning.

    And you can quote me as saying I was mis-quoted. Groucho Marx




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          same here


            My run from yesterday evening did not upload in a few minutes like normal.  Initially I could not even get to the RA page for a bit.  When I finally did get to the page my run still had not uploaded automatically after about an hour.


            About midday today I checked and found that yesterday’s evening run still had not uploaded.  I went ahead and attempted to manually upload the run as a gpx file.  After a few minutes both the automated upload from yesterday and the manual upload completed.  So I don’t know whether Eric has fixed something or this was a fluke.

              My manual upload worked just now.  No sign of the automatic one.

              Out there running since dinosaurs roamed the earth



                Thank you for validating it is not just me!  I've tried re-synching, refreshing, two browsers, the usual easy solutions, with no luck.


                For trouble shooting, I'm missing an 8 AM EST walk that is on my Garmin- epix gen 2.  Tried to upload on PC (Chrome) and Mac (Safari)

                50 Miles - done

                41.6 Miles - done

                26.2 Miles - done

                ...now it's time to get faster. 


                not bad for mile 25

                  I got one out of two runs today. I have been getting quite a few 500 errors on page loads over the past several days.


                    Inconsistent data transfer, not working on 5/6, 2 out of 3 from the track last night.

                      Got mine this morning but yesterday's never showed up.

                      Out there running since dinosaurs roamed the earth



                        same here - 5/6 worked, 5/7 didnt, 5/8 worked but 5/7 never showed up.  5/9 worked.