Vivoactive quirks (Read 46 times)

    Hi, all.  Been using the Garmin Vivoactive for both running and cycling for the last few months (not as much of either as I would like, but that's another thread entirely) and I have been trying to correct some quirks with no luck.  I haven't been able to find solutions online, so please forgive me if I have overlooked the answers.


    The following two things occur, sometimes, and I can't figure out why they happen and how to prevent them:


    1.  Sometimes on a run, when the auto lap tells me my mile split, it begins a new run.  For example, I have run 2 miles, it gives me my split, but when it returns to the main screen (I have not touched the screen) instead of saying 2.00 miles and counting, it starts over.  When I finish, it has the entire run, but not until then.


    2.  On a bike ride, the "return to start" or "return to home" thing comes up, something I am not interested in at all, and I can't get rid of it.  The lap/split thing also occurs, but I have just turned it off for cycling.


    Finally, an observation, your current pace appears to show the pace you are running *right this moment* as opposed to your overall pace for that mile.  What I want to know at any point during a mile is what my pace is for that mile, not what I am running at any given second.  If I have covered a half mile in 4 minutes, my pace should show as 8:00 per mile.  Not the 6:30 I may be running at that moment because I happen to be on a steep downhill section.


    Maybe I am missing something?



    Yeah, well...sometimes nothin' can be a real cool hand.

      Looks like you need to fix the data fields that are displayed


      1 ) It is showing the current lap not the entire run

      2)  Not sure of this as I never used that "return to start" feature

      3) It's showing current pace instead of lap pace