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    There is a "friend" on Facebook who hash tags every one of her posts. What's the point? Then someone else tried to get into the hash tag business and misspelled the word she was hash tagging. I just don't understand. #hashtag

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      I don't get the hashtag thing either.

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        Hashtags originated on Twitter as a way to tag/ categorize posts.  Makes it easier to search for tweets about specific things.  Searching for the word "lost" brings up all tweets with the word lost in it, including when someone lost their keys, but searching for #Lost brought up tweets about the tv show, for example.


        It's evolved to where the hashtag is used for allegedly humorous purposes or to actually make commentary:  Example:


        I just checked into the downtown mall on Foursquare #imnothomepleaserobme


        It's possible that the Facebook posts with all the hashtags might originate from Twitter.  Or the hashtagger just really likes the utility of the hashtag for categorizing his posts #loser

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            My guess is people are using an app to post to Twitter and FB simultaneously...so that's why the hashtags appear on FB.

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