Anyone own a hybrid?? (Read 481 times)

    My husband went back and forth on deciding what new car to get. He wanted to get a hybrid but was not confident enough about the expense of owning one. After a long search he ended up FINALLY being ready to part with his 1994 Chevy Cavalier and today we are picking up his 2007 Toyota Corolla S (which he bought from my ex who is a manager at a Toyota dealership). The mileage is decent (30) compared to the 22 his Cavalier got. Now I'm curious about the hybrid - Does anyone have one? Or have pros and cons about them to share. I figure that when the time is right, one of my older children will get this Toyota and my husband will get a hybrid.



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      My wife drives one (which means I drive it a fair amount, too). Honda Civic. It's good, for the most part. I think the gas mileage is overly hyped (you'll most likely average somewhere close to 40 mpg). They are great on long trips and the highway. They're quiet, and usually run pretty smooth. However, they have certain quirks that can take getting used to. Accelerating from a dead stop can be jerky as the engine kicks in again. Acceleration isn't the greatest, but it's usually adequate (I ain't a race car driver, I don't need to leave rubber tracks). Overall, it's a comfortable way to get from A to B.


        No Hybrid here - depending on where you live (is there excessive heat?) you may want to consider a different environmental alternative because the batteries can have a unnaturally short lifespan in certain conditions. check this list out: http://www.greenercars.com/12green.html
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          They are great on long trips and the highway.
          I think you've got that backwards. Hybrids shine in stop-and-go traffic, but the difference in fuel economy on the highway at steady speeds is not where their greatest benefit lies, which is why we didn't even look at them living in BFE. Most of the miles my hubby and I drive are on the hwy, so there'd be little fuel savings for us. Now, if we lived in a city and had a stop-and-go commute, then a hybrid would be the way to go. On the highway it is the gas engine that is running, just like in a traditional car. k

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            I used to have a Prius. Biggest downside- and the reason I do not have a Prius any longer- is they are awful in crashes. A minivan hit my driver's side door while she was turning into a McDonald's and the thing was beyond totalled, while the front end of the minivan had a slight dent and a scratch. There's not much too them. Can be a benefit though- broke down once and I could push that thing by myself it was so light. Gas mileage was great, I wasn't a fan at all of the design though- the computer screen had a horrible reflection on the windshield at night. Seats weren't comfortable. Etc. It was eerily quiet- when you hit the brake, the battery charges, so there is literally no engine noise at red lights. Freaks most people out. I would get another one, though. Driving Boston to Rochester, NY without having to stop once for gas was awesome Big grin
              Smile Thanks for sharing... I told my husband what was said. He said he's happy with his non-hybrid at the moment but for the next car he'll be diving head first into researching on the hybrid some more...it has his attention now.



              CPT Curmudgeon

                The Civic, I can get it to be fairly consistent at high gas mileage on the highway. But, I wasn't referring to economy in terms of trips. It's a comfy car, it's quiet, and it does well on long trips.