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    Hi Eric, Thanks once again for creating such a great site...it has turned into my one stop shop for route creation and training log after trying numerous other sites. One problem that I have run into is that once my route gets a decent number of points (I'm using the map scaled in as far as possible) around maybe mile 3 or so I start to get significant map performance issues (takes a long time for map to allow new point to be clicked, takes a long time for map to pan). At some point on routes ~10+ miles I have run into problems where I can't even continue route creation due to waiting minutes for a response from the creation tool. I am using Windows XP with IE 6 and have run into this issue both at work and on my home machine. I have looked and it doesnt look like a memory leak or anything causing my browser to slow, nevertheless I am getting restrictively slow response. I dont know if this is an issue with the google maps API but I havent run across it with other google map API route creation sites (even though your site is way ahead in every other category) or the one I created quickly to test out the API. Thanks again for the site and if there is anything that I could look into to help you out (as I am a software engineer by trade) let me know. Thanks again for the great site! Thanks, Frank
      Frank, It all depends which site you're comparing mine to. There are two versions of the Google maps API. 1.0 was very fast, but Google changed something in 2.0 and everything came to a crawl. If the other sites you're comparing this to is still using 1.0, then they'll beat it every single time. If the other sites are using 2.0, then my site should be a little faster because there are certain things that are optimized. My test for performance is to create the Boston Marathon route. I created a mile 10 route just now and did not experience the performance issues you were having. I also created the same route on another site and the performance is equivalent. How fast is your computer and how much memory does it have? eric Smile

        Hi Eric, The one thing I did notice is that in route view mode things work just fine, it just seems that in edit mode everything slows down a lot on my longer routes. The only real difference I noticed is that it appears you draw small dots on each click point in edit mode, and I was wondering if it was just bogging down the API drawing trying to redraw the large number of dots. Again, I have no insight into the code so I figured I would throw it out and see if you have seen this before. The API is only as fast as google made it and you have definately taken advantage of it with excellent results. I love the site and keep up the great work. The terrain profile view is amazing! Thanks again! ~Frank Note: I am currently on a Pentium-M 1.7 w/ 512MB RAM
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          The small dots are not markers. The Google API renders the lines with alpla blending, i.e. the lines are translucent. When two lines overlap, the intersection becomes darker. You can verify this by drawing a route and have two line segments cross each other.

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            Gecko-based browsers often hang in API 1.0 or 2.0 when they are rendering long polylines. IE can slow down but does not hang.