Auto Summing Intervals and Recoveries Separately (Read 130 times)

    When I run intervals with recovery laps, I want to include the total distance I ran, including recoveries.  But the only pace I care about is the intervals.  Is there, or could there be, a way to calculate the pace for the intervals only, or else calculate it separately for the intervals and recoveries?  The current system shows total time divided by total distance, which is meaningless in this case. 


    It could show up as 2 lines on the Workout log.  That's how I do it now, but I have to enter the intervals as one workout, and then enter a second workout for the recovery at a slower pace.



      If you're entering manually or uploading from a device: enter it as one workout, with each rep and recovery as its own "lap". In the workout record, make sure the reps are labeled as "interval" and the recoveries as "recovery". Right above the lap fields are three check boxes, one for each type of lap. Click any ONE and the miles/time/average pace data up top shows for only that flavor of lap. So you can get the distance and average pace for the reps, the recoveries, and the whole thing; then just note whatever you wish.

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        The log treats the workout as a single item and does not differentiate between intervals and recoveries.  In a way, I see the value of having a separate field just for the intervals.  At the same time, if I add this, someone else will want to be able to separate some other time.


        I also think that the recovery data is not completely meaningless.  As you improve, the intervals times will decrease, and if the recovery part of the workout remains the same, then the overall pace should increase.  It's not as impressive as the interval data by itself, but without knowing the duration of the recoveries, the interval data can also be meaningless.


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