Rome vacation (Read 80 times)

    In Rome for the last 4 days of our vacation......trying to plan a route or two that are say 3 to 6 miles (5k to 10k) in length. Any suggestions?? We are staying near the Spanish Steps and it looks like the area up around the Villa Borghese might be a scenic option???? Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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      Run along the Tiber? Seemed to be what a lot of locals were doing when I was there. (Or at least I presume locals. Seemed like too many people to all be tourists.) MTA: The park where the Villa Borghese is is pretty nice and would be great for a run, although you may have to run laps to get the distance you want.

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        I ran a lot of times in Villa Borghese gardens. There are a lot of different courses in the green.



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          If it were me, I'd see the sights, eat and drink (wine and coffee) and watch the world go by, and burn it all off when you get home.


          But one thing you might try is looking for a running club in Rome.  That would be a fun cultural experience, even if it ends up being mostly foreigners. (Hint : No Italians at all in Rome during the 8 or so weeks of August holidays...)

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