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    Hi Everybody...First of all, I'm relatively new to the forum, so "hi". But the real reason for my post: I just ran my first 5k yesterday evening...33:27. I know its slow, but I was so excited about my time, especially since I've only been running since January I just wanted to share my news, since I love reading everyone else's accomplishments. Big grin Becky

    Needs more cowbell!

      That's really awesome--especially since you are so new! I guarantee that if you keep with it you will blow that PR out of the water--you'll almost certainly see a sub-30 5k! Big grin k

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        Congrats! Well done! No worries on the speed thing...granted we have some awesome elites here in the RA community, but all are welcome here. They let me hang around and I haven't been able to string together a good week in months. But, well done!
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          Way to go Becky! Have you signed up for race number 2 yet? It's addicting!
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            welcome becky, congrats on your first race!!
              Welcome to the Forum Becky and CONGRATS on your 5k!!! Like others have asked, have you signed up for another race yet?

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                Congrats and Welcome Becky!! Smile
                  Wow...thanks for all the support! I haven't signed up for another race yet, but I am definitely looking for one. I didn't realize how much I would like the actual racing. But I was so wrong...it was so much fun! I can't wait for the next one!!
                    Great job! Welcome to the forum. Keep us up to date on future races, it will be nice to hear your race reports. Smile


                      Great job Becky. Keep it up!