I made the headlines (and didn't commit a crime!) (Read 393 times)


On the road again...

    I get the "spider sense" thing. Not a lot more that I can do outside of answer whatever questions people have, and I'm certainly not asking people here to donate as much as I was simply trying to post something in the "Look what I can do" forum that I did.


    The cause is most definitely worthy, and even if people don't feel comfortable donating, I'm still really glad that something I did that involved running helped raise awareness about it. The money raised is gravy.


    On the surface, this sounds like an awesome cause and effort, but every time I read/see something like this, my 'spidey fraud senses' activate.  It wasn't that long ago, someone on RA/RWOL took time to write a book, sell bracelets, etc., became a 'crowd favorite' on these forums for a cause that never existed, comprised of 'characters' that never existed.  It was quite the convoluted story, and bilked people on these forums of thousands of dollars. Quite genius when you think about it.


    Anyways, if you are legit, I think your cause is worthy, but as my friends on Shark Tank would say... "too many unanswered questions, I'm out".

    I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.