No FB log updates since 5/25 and other problems. (Read 55 times)


    Android app on Droid Razr Maxx.  There have been no updates since 5/25 of any workout to my FB summary page.  The workouts are on my phone, and even though I have them posted to my FB home page automatically, they do not show up in the RA summary on FB.


    I seem to recall that there was a way to set goals when I first started using RA (weight loss, 5K, etc....).  This set up a training plan on my phone.  The option to change this goal is gone. I've been through every single menu both on the phone and on the FB app and no where can I change the workout goal.  Did RA drop the ball in this or what is going on?


      I don't think the Android app nor the facebook app ever had goals support.  The Android app hasn't changed in over a year or more because its developer had stopped support for it.


      As for the FB update, the app needs a major upgrade.  At this point, i think FB had changed so much with their api that the app no longer works properly.


      eric Smile