Shoe time, with metatarsal pads now, (Read 70 times)


    Anyone out there using metatarsal pads who might throw in something that you have learned?


    Here is my situation:


    I hurt the second metatarsal head about two weeks ago, probably running barefoot, and hitting rocks  in my nike frees, Maybe just from running in general.  I didn't know it ,but the same bones on both feet are down pretty low  and i recently noticed that they have been wearing   holes in my socks  over the months because it is the first contact point. 


    I have been contemplating new shoes and in the interim have had to start  using metatarsal pads. I was looking forward to a low heel to toe drop like the Saucony cortana 2, (4mm) but now with the  front lift from the pads I wonder if I don't risk messing the shoe fit up?  I am now running in a very old pair of new balance which have been my go to shoe for getting away from any problems ,  but they are beyond  too old, so I may just get  a similar pair even though they are a  higher  platform and 8mm drop. The closest thing I can find to them is the NB 870V2. Maybe there are still better options.




    I'd like to find a way to wean myself off the pads and I may be doing so. They are working great in conjunction with some, icing,  stretching and strengthening , but I have no way of knowing how long until I can toss them., if ever ? Any advice/ thoughtful comments/



    not really a runner

      I've run with met pads in everything from merrell road gloves to Mizuno Elixirs. If you place them properly,my hey won't affect fit, but will provide the support you need. I began using them after an injury, and have recently weaned off them. Your feet will let you know they're Done with the pads; they'll become noticeably uncomfortatble and 'in the way.'


      good luck!


        Thank you ,

        I went ahead and bought both pairs. I really want the cortanas to work because they have the  lower platform and small  heel to toe pitch, but still have pretty standard  forefoot cushioning. The pads do really work well. I am happy about that.


          Just In case anyone ever looks up the metatarsal thing, I have a update.


          The Saucony Cortana arrived today. I was able to run in them with no metatarsal pad. Just a little over 2 miles + 8 strides but  it seems like the right direction. These have just  a 4mm drop, I had a hunch that the forward pitched shoes were driving my forefoot to strike too far forward on the ball of my foot ....more or less nose diving the metatarsals into the ground. I hope this is correct.

          not really a runner

            I've had better luck with lower drop shoes as well, so your results aren't surprising. The help validate my own experience for sure.


              I am glad the confirmation helps. I had read on some review, I think on Amazon, that these cortanas helped with the metatarsal thing immediately and that was enough to make up my mind.