Im still here! (Read 499 times)


    Bernie, it's wonderful to hear from you again! I will run another mile for you - this time to celebrate that you are still around. Keep up! bas

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      Wow, it's nice to hear from all of you again! And I wish I could have added some of the many miles that you all have logged since my last run. My family bought me a treadmill today and brought it over, nothing fancy but it sure made me happy. Big grin I hope to try it out ( very slowly ) this upcomming week and maybe by next month when it gets warmer go outside as well. All of you are a big help to me as you have been from the start, I know I have never met any of you face to face but I feel that I know a lot about you guys & gals. Thanks to all of you again and I will try to add something each week. Everyone enjoy the rest of your weekend!
      What we do in life, echo's in eternity. Maximus.

      Misinformation Officer

        I was a late-comer to your battle, but I am soooo happy for you!
          I'm too new to know exactly what is going on but from what I've gathered you are quite an inspiration! Keep well and ease back onto that treadmill. Smile