Running in snow & cold affecting skin (Read 144 times)


    I was told not to run in th snow and cold (10 f or below) because my face would get thicker, brown, and tough and my nose would turn purple or red.


    I know one guy who said he fishes and camps. He is in his 60s. His facial skin is weathered and brown and tough with wrinkles. So this person said, take a look at what being outside did to him.


    Next, there is this super nice guy I know who runs outside even in the snow and owns a sports watch. He is 67. His skin was okay but recently his nose turned purple.


    None of these men drink. These are not really my friends. They work in stores, so I see them that way.


    Next, I know a lady who sunbathed, smokes (doesn't run) and lathered body oil on herself in the 70s. She has lot wrinkles she used to be outside a lot.


    So I am 40. I do not care about wrinkles a lot. I have some and I am comfortable with growing old, unlike some people. But this person said to me that if I run, my nose and face will become rough, weathered and my nose, cheeks and forehead would become purple. So they insisted I do not run. So I haven't for two years. I would like to run. But this person is very insistent and because of a job I decided to not run outside. But I would like to.


    When I see skiiers, I think their skin looks good. My doctor told me I don't have roscaea or another skin condition.  What do you think?


    I personally think they are jealous of me because I am female and I run in the snow. They also told me not to lift so many weights. Nevertheless, I have not run outside because of a job where my customer service skills - kind of like related to real estate so to speak  - are needed.


    Thank you

      I walk or run every day in the winter.

      my nose or face have never changed color


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        Trolls be trolling.

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          My skin will be wrinkly when I’m old if I go outside or not. I just wouldn’t want to run in 10 degrees. Go for it. Plenty of people run in cold states in winter. They even have races up to and beyond marathon distances. Don’t be such a wuss and trust a nameless stranger on the internet’s advice.

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            My nose actually fell off once when I ran in the cold, so count yourself lucky if it just turns purple or red!

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              I guess any exercise activity is worth doing, and that being outdoors is good.. I heard some talk STDs were on the rise in the retired citizens segment, due to among other things Viagra.


              I'm a bit superficial myself, but any meaningful relationship would have to be about personality, interests, and so on.


              As for work, I would have a doctor that is good at her job, rather than someone who spends a lot of time and energy on how she looks.


              I think running and exercise shows discipline, and discipline is good. Is your clientele mostly men?


              Is it a job where the superficial is very important, a job that will work out long-term in any case?


              I like to run on a threadmill, because I can let the mind wander, I don't have to worry about traffic etc. But I do take my bike around, but then I'm focused as it is almost like driving and at times at high speed.


              I really should get out and run more, because it is fresher air, so that's something I will do.


              I don't know, run more and dress to draw focus towards a fit body / the exercise you do?

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                ok boomer.



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                  ok boomer.


                  How long is this one going to last? I give it until spring.

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                  Next Race: Whatever COVID-19 will allow me to run 

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                    How long is this one going to last? I give it until spring.


                    Good question. And i hope you are right. I find it very annoying.


                      I live in Toronto, so it can be quite chilly during the winter months.


                      I don't think running has been a problem even when the temperature drops. Just put on warm clothes and start running. I remember when I was practicing for running the 5K, I took time to run in colder conditions to get used to the distance. It didn't stop me at all and I actually continued to progress quite well.


                      Obviously, don't go outside running without clothes. That won't end well. 

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