Duluth, MN real estate: good neighborhoods for runners? (Read 77 times)

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    Greetings! I'm visiting Duluth MN in a few weeks to check it out as a possible future location. I run a lot and like to live where I can run right out the front door. I may have realtor help, so: any neighborhoods anyone can recommend? Would be nice if the streets were plowed enough to run outdoors much of the winter. I've heard about the Lakewalk and the Western Waterfront Trail... Thanks! --Christine

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      This may be a little late, but I live in Dululth and it is a running paradise. Between the Superior Hiking Trail, Lake walk, Just random roads, there is always a place to run for any type of training. I personally love West skyline/Skyline Parkway. It has the most amazing views of Duluth. If you have any more questions please reach out!


      As Far as actual neighborhoods go, anything near chester park should give you decent running routes. Another option would be what is called lakeside/Lester. there is really good trails and a place called hawks ridge is not far from there. The Lincoln Park Area is up and coming and has nice access to the SHT as well.


      Here's a good realtor that is super in tune with trail and bike access. Good luck!




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        Duluth is a cool city