The zip code you supplied failed validation. (Read 101 times)



    I'm trying to go through the payment to disable ads, but however I enter my postal code (I'm from Canada) I get the message "The zip code you supplied failed validation."

    Maybe eric Smile or a Canadian fellow RA user could tell me the correct format to enter my postal code in...

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      Darn, gave it another shot today (really don't like the ads). Tried my address and postal code written differently in at least 20 different combinations and it just won't pass. Took my credit card bill out and wrote the address and postal code the exact same way, and still it fails zip code validation. Guess I'm stuck with the ads. Not so bad. The worse part is I managed last year to get the payment through...

      I say things. I do things. Does it all have to make sense?

      Feeling the growl again

        It's the holidays; give Eric a few days and I am sure he will respond with a solution for you.

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          Yeah, it's no big deal anyways. Everything is still working like a charm.

          I say things. I do things. Does it all have to make sense?

            Hi Cyberic99,

            Thank you for being patient.  I looked into the problem and there was a bug that was introduced in the current iteration of site improvements.  RA is going through some serious behind the scenes code changes, which include revamping the address form.  In certain situations, the country code was not collected.  As a result, the system assumes the country is still the US and thus the Canadian postal code will always be "wrong".  This problem has been fixed.  Could you give it a try?  Thanks in advance for your subscription!


            eric Smile

              Tried again this morning. Still haven't been able to get that zip code correct. My address is a little complicated. The name of the street is "Saint-Andre". So do I use "St" or "Saint"? The hyphen or a space? Andre with a french accent on the "e" or not? Then the postal code with a space or not? Maybe I missed the exact correct combination as I haven't gone systematically through all the possibilities. Also the name of my city has a french accent on the "e". My best bet is usually to omit all french accents.


              Closed my browser, hit the RA site again and pressed CTTL-F5 to make sure I wasn't using a cached page, although the credit card validation is server side code, so the caching was probably not the problem.


              Don't sweat on it, I'm in no hurry. But If you want me to try things, I'm up for it.

              I say things. I do things. Does it all have to make sense?