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    Wow. I just read the doc that popped up with "Hadd training" and wow. This makes sense. I'll be keeping my HR lower on regular runs from now on... the speed will follow when the base is present! And my base sure as hell isn't present yet! Wow. Scout, awesome link. JK, thanks for the previous posting, really interesting. You're living proof! I'm dying to get my base easy speed down under 10m/m (started out even slower this winter... zero consistency for the past five years) and it's getting there after most weeks > 20 mi since Jan. I've been getting more weeks over 30 lately, can't wait to see that payoff! mmmmmmm 40 mile weeks... I can only imagine.

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      Wow. I just read the doc that popped up with "Hadd training" and wow.
      That's the one!
        I did zero speedwork, and PRed my 10K by over 2 1/2 minutes ... I was running 30-40 miles a week. I'm a big fan of the more miles at easy - moderate pace Smile
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          I'm becoming a big fan of lots of slow easy aerobic miles. All them hard miles and I kept leaving my races on the training route. I ran a 6 miler at a pace faster than my 10k PR.

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            Mississippi, I am doing the Cool Running competitive 5K program. My first race since I started the program two weeks ago is tomorrow. I will let you know if there is any improvement. I run about the same pace as you for the 5K (23:30) and am also hoping to get it down to around 21:00.