Minor Issue: Dropping the ".0" in current and target weight. (Read 753 times)


    I just noticed that when I enter a weight of 182.0, and save it, it displays it as 182 (i.e., the ".0" is dropped). If I enter 182.2, it displays 182.2.
      Geek! Tongue Sounds to me like the site's working just fine and that's an intentional feature for the non-geeks who use the site.... Big grin

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        hey, ".0" is just as important as "."1", ".2", ".3", ... Big grin

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          1 used to be the loneliest #, but now maybe .0 is.... Tongue k

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            ".0" is dropped so that everything can be presented in the shortest form. Real estate is precious around here and every bit counts :-)