Gramin forerunner 110 import to RA (Read 594 times)


    I have been trying to import my workouts from gps to GA site but without much success. The device is recognised and in ready mode but as soon as i hit upload it goes to scanning workout status but nothing happens(I left it there for over 2 hours). I have previously used garmin connect site but upload stopped working, so I thought I migrate to GA. 

    I have updated software and tried different browsers as well!

    Any idea what might be causing the problem? 

      Try exporting your workout from Garmin Training Center to a tcx file. Then you can import the file into RA. I do it all the time. Works like a charm. 


      Another trick is to clear old runs from your watch. If there are a lot of old runs on there then RA has to read an then skip them all; if the connection times out then you get nothing to import.