Cheap running watch advice? (Read 75 times)


    I’m interested in an inexpensive watch which has a stop start timer and MP3 player to link to wireless headphones. 
    I’m new to running, and training for a charity 5k, I planned to drive my practice course to check the mileage I end up training so I don’t believe I need any other capabilities for this initial watch purchase but if you have additional suggestions please comment.

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        As an fyi: MP3 player is basically the most expensive piece of tech in running watches so you may be better off just getting a spibelt/other fanny pack type belt to carry your phone and just use that (lots of apps will do start/stop/distance i.e. strava).

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            Check out the Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music.


            I've heard good things about this myself. Might get one  really soon.


              I just bought refurbished Vivoactive 4 for $189. Mainly I bought it because it has Amazon Music app (it has Spotify also) - so, now I do not need to look for music anywhere but from Amazon Music subscription (which I have for years by now) - I am able to create my custom playlists or use existing ones - that was my long time "dream" Smile I am very happy with how music works with GPS together - and GPS is as precise as it is on my other watch Garmin FR 935. Plus, Vivoactive 4 has Garmin Pay - now I do not need to have a credit card if I suddenly need one - I am a happy camper.

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