Dissapointed with first ever race- looking for advice (Read 172 times)


    Kate, I am also a homeschooling mom and yes....early mornings are the only time i don't have someone little talking to me Smile


    I just started running with my dog and so far I dont notice anything to concern me about her foot pads with the pavement. I am going to take her by our vet just to make sure she is doing okay and handling it alright and i am trying to be conscious of how cold it is when I take her out, if there is ice on my face when I get home then I don't take her out for a few extra with me. I'm hoping that she will be able to work on her distance so eventually she can do all of my runs with me. I think having your two with you would be a huge deterrent to anyone that would think of approaching you. Strangers dont know they can't hear Smile

      your treadmill may have an impact setting....


      when I first began using it I had it set at a higher cushioning setting, but now I have it set at it's maximum firmness, which while the treadmill is different from the road/ground, it's much closer now than it use to be...


      progress, not perfection!


      good luck, see if you can increase the firmness...

      300m- 37 sec.


        I don’t have a treadmill at the moment..hoping to snag one on black friday.


        I didn’t know some had impact settings- I’ll have to look into that. Thanks

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          Disappointing first ever race - no question it was down to pacing. If you were at the front for the first 2 miles then you must have been going at some speed! Yes different terrain to what you’re used to and trail shoes for a road race isn’t ideal, but it’s not responsible for you finishing at 10.46 pace.


          My advice would be to mix things up and not run everything at 8 pace. For your long run you should be going WAY slower than that to build up endurance which will give you more time on your feet without impacting your next run. Also run some shorter faster paced efforts.


          No advice on what shoes to buy as that’s a personal thing (maybe find a good running store which will analyse your gait) I would get at least 2 pairs of road shoes, a lighter pair for faster workouts and a more cushioned pair for longer runs.


          Your longest run is 10 miles so you shouldn’t have any problem completing a half, but make sure you start further back Smile Good luck!

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            hi Kataki  and welcome to RA!     You did well for your first ever race, give yourself more credit!   best way to get better (better times, Pace) at races is to run more races.  You learned a lot already, especially pacing.   very common to be all pumped up & ready to go at the beginning.  You will learn how to control that better.  Next time situate yourself more towards  the middle of the pack.  will be  more crowded but use the slower pace to get warmed up & work out the nervous butterflys.  look for open spaces & pick up your pace as you go along.  just this strategy will help you do better.   In training, slowly build up your miles by slowing down your training pace.  If you run 3  days/week, use one of those days to work at faster pace or light hill days.  5 or more days, use 1 or 2 of those days to work on hills or something at faster pace.

            shoes: I would definitely use 2 shoes to alternate.  They will give you more mileage before breaking down.  There are several "hybrid"  types that will work on both hard/sorft surfaces  Salomon has a few.  More aggressive type trailrunners don't perform well on harder surfaces & the lugs wear down faster.   I would suggest separate trail runners & road runners.  either way you go you should have at least 2 pairs. Do some research & try on multiple shoes.  work with your local running shoe store.  sometimes it takes some experimentation to find the right shoe for YOU.  Just like taking your time to slowly build your mileage//pacing,  take  your time to find the right shoe & breaking them in.


            Is there a local running group that you could connect with to find a running buddy(s) ?