Xero shoes- any opinions? (Read 43 times)


    Been running in Topos and love them; curious about Xero's. Anyone tried them?


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      I can't think of any Xero shoe that is in any way similar to a Topo shoe.


      I've tried the Prio and the Terraflex. Too boxy/roomy through the midfoot, heavy, stiff, and hot for my liking. Very not minimal.


      The Speedforce is amazingly lovely - the next best thing to the original New Balance MT00 or WT00. This is a regular in my rotation with Shamma Warrior and Softstar Dash.


      The HFS is a close cousin of the Speedforce with a bit thicker sole. I haven't found a spot for it yet, but they're on standby - might make a nice trail shoe (not for the tread but for a bit more protection than the Speedforce).


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        Thanks for the info.


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          Disclaimer: I do not run in them. I use them to walk when going to supermarket, wandering around etc.


          z-trail - Fantastic sandal, especially now in the hot summer days it's a bliss cause it lets your feet breathe. It has just enough cushioning while being very low to the ground. These are incredibly comfortable and very, very durable. I have these for almost 2 years and the sole is as good as new.


          Prios - Unlike user Buzzie, I have wide feet and these fit me very well. Naturally pretty much any other running shoe bar the Altras do not fit me at all. It's very roomie and does not constraint my feet in any way. They are very comfortable and light.

          I have only run in them once while doing 200 repetitions and they were great, they have great grip. Unfortunately I was not ready for such a low shoe and I had pain in my calves for a week, cause they are zero drop and so low to the ground.

          For walking around or hiking trails they are perfect.

          One thing I noticed though is they are not as protective against cold, so I guess you need better socks when using then when it's cold outside like negative celsius, around 25F.

          Oh, and these are also incredibly durable (same sole), I have a feeling these will last me 8-10 years easily.

          It's really a shame I'm not strong enough to run in it cause it would surely save me a lot in running shoes expenses.

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