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    My 8 year old Horizon died in January, frying its 2nd circuitboard after needing 2 decks.  The incline was also broken and the display panel was starting to have issues.  With 3K+ miles and rust and the constant issues I was getting w/ the belt I refused to put any more $ into it.  I was hoping I could return to being exclusively outside but the combination of family/baby/schedule and that I'd rather run inside than skip runs on hot days outside, it didn't happen.


    I read some threads here and elsewhere, also asking pretty much everyone I knew for advice.  I appreciate all those who provided comments in the threads, it was helpful.


    I finally broke down and got a Landice 7.  I spent more than I wanted - despite negotiating on the price and getting free delivery plus them hauling the old junk away for free (available only through authorized dealer = paying more than cost no matter how big a scrooge you are).  I didn't go nuts with the console - really I need time, distance, and pace only, with the flat screen in the basement I'm good.  The main attractions were the durability, lifetime warranty, adequate horsepower and simplicity (no lubing the deck).  I'm about 190 and a heavy treadmill user.

    It arrives Thursday, I'll provide feedback in the hope it helps others.

      wise move!  The landice is a great treadmill.