I ran outside for the first time in four months this morning (Read 285 times)

delicate flower

    Congrats on getting back!



    Me too, man.  I was at the very end of a great marathon cycle, felt like I was in the best shape of my life and ready for a huge marathon PR, and BAM, broken ankle (via a very unspectacular slip on the ice), and I've been out for nearly 4 months now, with really no cardio at all before the last couple of weeks since I was in a giant boot until then.


    I start tentative treadmill running today, but my ankle still has no oomph to it so it's going to be SLOW and short with lots of walk breaks.


    Well today is a good day then!  Good luck with that treadmill "run."  Smile  It may be slow and short, but it's a start.  My first treadmill run back was a half mile shuffle with a three minute walk break in the middle of it.  It was great though.



    More cowbell!

      Congrats Baboon!  From someone who spent almost 2 months on the shelf this year, enjoy the long road back!


        Okay, this appears to be the thread to complain about being sidelined for extended periods with running related injuries.


        Over the last 1.5 years, I was on a marathon roll running 3 consecutive PRs (2:57, 2:52, and then 2:49). I was going to gun for a 2:45 this past spring but it wasn't to be. During a hilly 1/2M race on Mar 17th, I developed a deep bruise on the bone under my knee cap. It didn't surface as pain until the next evening during a 2 mile shake out run. I only started to run again a couple weeks ago, but am still not 100% pain-free, and I lost lots of fitness.  The knee still hurts if I do a deep lunge with the opposite leg (hurt knee extended to the rear) and when I have to apply lots of force to the quad with the leg in a bent position (such as one legged squats).   Being old[er] sure does dramatically increase the healing time.


        I keep this in perspective by remembering that between 1995 and about 2008 my running was completely sporadic (and couldn't ever compete) due to re-injuring calf muscles.  So, 2 to 3 months off is nothing when I think about being sidelined for roughly 13 years.  I try to forget that I missed my prime marathon years.


        If there's anything I've learned from this is that I need to do exercises on a regular basis to strengthen my legs.  Running alone doesn't do it.

        delicate flower


          If there's anything I've learned from this is that I need to do exercises on a regular basis to strengthen my legs.  Running alone doesn't do it.


          This is a good point.  I had seriously neglected the strength training prior to my injury.  My doctor advised me to include it going forward if I want to keep running and reduce the risk of further knee damage.  Seems like a no-brainer but of course it took a doctor to tell me that.


            I finally got up the nerve for an run outside today.



            NICE!!!!  Great news!

            - Joe

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            delicate flower

              I had my 20 week follow up yesterday, and hopefully the last time I'll see my knee doc.  Doc says I'm doing great and I've been cleared to run and bike as much as I want, which is sort of what I've been doing anyway.  Big grin   Dare I say, this ACL recovery went much smoother than the first time I went though it in 2009.  Knowing what to expect and what I had to do certainly helped this time.  I've got 4-6 weeks of advanced rehab now (jumping, pivoting, sprinting, cutting) then I'll be cut loose.  No trail running until I complete that program.


              BTW I set a 10K PR in Boston this past Sunday.  I told my doc.  He only cared that it didn't hurt.   Cool



                Yay@ you making more and more improvements.   You'll be fast again in a heart beat!


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                  Congrats on getting back out there, Baboon.