Race 13.1 or Train 26.2? (Read 221 times)

    My local town marathon is 9 weeks out from my goal marathon.  Being my local race, I've already decided to participate and am considering two options:  Full-on racing a Half or run the Full at a moderate pace (~MP + :60).  Which one would generally be less disruptive to a marathon training block (middle of Pfitz's LT+Endurance phase)?

    2014 goals:   •  1st Marathon  •  3,000 miles

      Do the half.  A full would be disruptive.

      Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject.

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        Even run very easily, the marathon will be much more disruptive.

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            It's not one of the two options you suggested, but the half marathon seems like a pretty good opportunity to do a supported marathon pace workout.  A few miles warm up and then 13 miles at marathon pace is pretty much exactly what Pfitz is asking from you 9 weeks out.


            If you are fixed on either racing the half or doing a 26.2 mile training run then - like everyone else - I'd say race the half, taking a couple of extra easy days either side.

              Thanks, all.  The Half it is.  Looks like everybody agrees...which just might be a FKT (first known time) here on RA.  Smile

              2014 goals:   •  1st Marathon  •  3,000 miles

                I entered races where I only wanted to run a moderate pace. Every time the gun goes off I change my mind and end up racing. It's an urge I can't control.


                  My vote is half too and would do one of two things:


                  -Run it as the first 1/2 of a marathon and at your marathon pace which would be slower than your normal HM


                  -Find a running partner or buddy that you KNOW is slower than you and run with them at their pace


                  Just make a fun run day out of it....

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