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Slo mo

    Hi. I use internet explorer and windows XP. I was randomly dropped from my training group and can't get back in. The group originator says he does not know what happened. Any suggestions?
      Can you get in with another browser (Firefox or whatever)?
        Ask the group owner to look at the group's members page under "Members" in the box on the left hand side of the screen. Have them check the box that says "show banned members" and see if you're banned. Could have happened with some careless clicking... Another thing to try would be if this is a private group to have them make it a public one, rejoin, and then set it back to private again.

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          Slo mo, Could you provide me with more information? Which group(s) do you belong to? Which group did you get dropped from? The code path to deleting someone from a group is very limited so I don't understand how one can be deleted without any explicit user action.
          Slo mo

            Carolina Crawlers is the name of the group. I was a member one day and dropped the next. I can search and find the group, but when I put in the password I get an error message saying the path is incorrect. I was going to just rejoin, but I can't even do that. Thanks for your help.
              I checked your group memberships and it appears that you're banned from the group. You came upon a bug with the login process, which will be fixed for the next update.