misc update 2 (Read 1803 times)

    Hi everyone, I just uploaded another batch of minor updates: - On the course list page, I replaced the link to filter courses to a text box so you can specify how many months you want to include. I think will be easier and more obvious - Added an "About Me" tab in the running log when someone is viewing your log that links to your profile. It is only visible if you have a public profile. - The log now tracks the map's creation date. It is displayed at the bottom of the map. - I removed the Delete Elevation button on the map toolbar. If you want to redo the elevation, just disable elevation, and re-enable it again. - added an auto-fill weight option under Options/Log Preferences. If you enable this check box, your weight will be pre-populated from the latest workout so you don't have to keep filling it out if your weight does not fluctuate. - there is a change in how the site records your preferences for "hiding retired shoes" and "use advanced graphs". Since it doesn't affect the privacy of your log, I didn't migrate them over for you because it'll take a lot longer than it's worth. You'll need to into Options/Log Preferences and check the graphing check box if you want to default to advanced graphing. eric Smile

      Hey Eric, For some reason I don't see the misc updates. For instance, I don't see the "About Me" tab anywhere on the site. Thanks,Al
        Al, The "About Me" is only visible to other people viewing your log. I left it out for the owners because it clutters up the navigational panel. Besides, you know all about yourself Tongue It just brings the viewer to your profiles page. eric Smile

          Gotcha! Thanks.