JFK-50 drop-bag support? need headlamp or reflective vest? (Read 89 times)


    I've signed up for the JFK-50.  The website has very little information so I'm hoping somebody out there whose done it before can answer my questions.


    Is there drop-bag support?  I'd like to have a drop-bag somewhere near the middle to change shoes and socks.


    Do I need a headlamp if I'm finishing after dark?  Sundown is 5:00pm.  I'll probably finish around 6:00pm.





      I'm headed there for the first time also.  Found some useful info and tips on their Facebook page.  And google search for "JFK50 race reports" will yield good info too.  Good luck!

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        I ran it last year, and really enjoyed it.

        No drop bag support. If you have someone there to give your shoe-change where you start the towpath, great. Otherwise, just deal with it. There's only about 7 miles of real trails so road shoes will probably be OK. They will give you a reflective vest (the "vest of shame" as it's called) at mile 40 or so, whether you want it or not. You could probably get by without a headlamp but you'll be glad you have it, and they don't weigh that much so, have one.

        The post race food is really good. This a race you will be glad you ran.

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          Thanks so much PerferssrR.  Very useful info.  I don't know why they can't put that on their website.


          Actually I'm changing shoes about midway to a half size larger.  Same brand/model, just larger size.  And fresh socks of course.


          Thanks again!

            I'll be running it for the first time this year.  My first official 50-Mile race.


            I had that same question about if a light is needed or not BlacksurgJerome...  I haven't bought one yet.  Personally, I'm expecting a finish time of about 11 hours, so I suppose I better go out and buy a light, since I'll likely be finishing after dark!


            I found great help as well from googling "JFK-50 Race Reports" and reading the stories of others who have done this trek before.  There are a pretty good mix of race reports out there from pros and first time runners of the race as well.     --- Good Luck!


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              Here's another question - I'm driving in that morning with another runner form the DC area. I may have figured out a way to get out there and pick up my packet on Friday afternoon and not have to worry about it in the morning. Does anyone know if you can pick up someone else's packet (if I can make it out there it would be nice to pick up the packet of the guy I'm carpooling with on Saturday morning as well as my own)?

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