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    With the new layout, we don't appear to be able to click from one day to the next without going back to the calendar.  For example, if I opened the calendar, clicked on a run, from that run, I used to be able to click to the next day, and the next day, and so on, without having to go back to the calendar.  That functionality does not appear to be available anymore.  Am I missing it?


    I have a user group of kids I coach and it was great to be able to go from day to day without going back to the calendar.  With 17 kids in the group, this process is cumbersome now.



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      Per Eric's announcement of new log features...Next / Previous workout is currently not available, but will be coming back:


      New Workout View

      The previous workout view was basic and clunky.  The new workout view is a proof of concept for what's to come.  The graphing code has been redone.  Below is a list of enhancements:

      • The graph is now interactive. When you hover the cursor on the graph, you'll get a readout of the value under the cursor.
      • If your workout contains cadence data, you can now create a cadence graph.
      • The splits graph now has several more y-axis values.

      The layout has completely changed.  It should retain all existing functionality except for previous/next workout links.  It might be tucked away in a menu somewhere.  Please look around and explore.  The previous/next workout links will be restored in the next release.  It depends on a major database change, which has not been tested yet so it's left out of this release.

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