Cadence (Read 136 times)

    Low priority and importance issue (at least for me) but would like to see:


    The FR220, and 620, measure cadence.  I've noticed that I can see the cadence in RA by going to the 'graph'  tab of a particular workout and selecting cadence as one of the Y axes.  So I know that RA has the cadence data stored from the watch.  I would like to be able to 'see' and add the cadence parameter in the workout reports.

    Also, when data is exported in csv format cadence is not one of the parameters exported.  Adding another field to the export might screw up people's Excel import and data query macros so maybe not a great idea to add it?

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      +1 avg running cadence would be nice in reports.


        Count me in!!


        Would love to see avg cadence and cadence per lap, like in Garmin Connect.


          I would too!