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    He did it publicly, which is part self-promotion (and accelerade-promotion) and part performance.
    Actually, he did it in public because that is one of the requirements for qualifying the effort as a world record. Doing it in Times Square was pure PR. While I'm not a fan, I've got no issues with the guy. He's making a living doing what he loves to do. I think it's kind of funny that so many people will sharpen their venomous fangs over this guy while "professional sports" is crammed full of people like him - making a ton more money than he will ever see.

    When it’s all said and done, will you have said more than you’ve done?

      The last few posts were all really well said. Despite his self promotion and ego, I don't think most serious runners would have nearly as much of a problem with Karno the endurance freak if he didn't repeatedly take credit for being, "America's best runner." He didn't anoint himself with that title--I think Outside Magazine did--but he sure doesn't shy away from it and even puts in on his website and makes sure that every talk-show host includes that title in his introduction, even though he knows as well as anyone that it's not close to true by any objective standard.

      Runners run.

        I did. It was interesting, but by the end I was like "I get it, you are awesome, you think you're awesome, and you think everyone should think you're awesome."
        Pretty much the exact same thing I thought...

        Sack up and run.

          Here's my opinion on Karno (not that anybody asked). I'm seriously impressed by what he's able to accomplish. 128 miles in one day? Wow. That's not even his PR...he's done 147.96, and held the world record when he did that. A lot of runners say, "well, if I trained for it, I could run 9:45 pace all day too." No, you probably couldn't. That argument gets nowhere with me. Until you try it, and do it, don't bring that kind of argument. That's where I stand on his actual accomplishments. On the other hand, he's arrogant as hell and has no problem with that. America's Greatest Runner? C'mon. Where did that come from? Whether he appointed himself to that post, or some marketing media did...there's nothing further from the truth. I could finish a marathon and have 1 or 2 beers down before he crossed the line...and I'm not even close to being an elite marathoner. I know the marathon isn't the most relevant comparison...it's too short for Dean. But at the same time, it's about 25 miles too long for me. Whatever. Can I blame the guy for knowing what aspects of running will entertain the average American? No. That's not his doing. If I could earn a living through running in the same means, I'd sure as hell do it. What I can blame him for is accepting and even encouraging the praise he gets without recognizing the pros who could run circles around him in any even that's not a niche event.
          I agree. Completely! Well put !
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