Look what they can do! (Read 532 times)

    I ran the Amica/UHC Half Marathon in Newport, RI with some friends yesterday.  The conditions were rough... a strong headwind for most of the run (point to point), cold temps and stinging rain.  Everyone did great just for getting through that and crossing the finish with a smile.  A few had particularly good days though:


    Christine and Eric were both doing their first.  Taking on this distance for the first time is always tough, and they both had a great time despite the extremely challenging conditions.  For Chris it was a long awaited achievement after a car accident, while training for what would have been her first, took her out of running completely for a year.  Eric came in 37th out of over 1500, which sounds like a great first half to me.


    Jenn came in to town at the last minute to run with us and ended up winning second in the women's division.  She had to go home right after the race, and I'm not sure she even knows yet.


    Congrats to them on their big accomplishments.



    MTA: Results were adjusted for some reason.

    5K - 18:25 - 3/19/11
    10K - 39:38 - 12/13/09
    1/2 - 1:29:38 - 5/30/10
    Full - 3:45:40 - 5/27/07