Progression run? (Read 42 times)

Jogger bobby

    Is this a real workout? what purpose could it serve?


    normal long run is 12


    Start at easy pace (9 mi/mile). every mile drop by 15 sec/mi til the last mile is 5k-10k pace. (7:05-7:30). So this is about a 8-9 mi run.


    this is in lieu of hills one week.

    Born: 1973

    Marathon PR: 3:44 (2000)

    5k PR: 22:02 (2022)

    1 mile PR: 6:09 (2022)



    5k - 21:42

    Mile - 5:59

    400m - 1:10



      Progression runs are awesome. It's about holding pace consistently and speeding up even as you might be getting tired. Give it a try! Smile

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