Timex VS Garmin (Read 680 times)


    It's time for me to replace my running GPS. I currently have a second generation Timex setup and liked it alot. I was doing some research because I ruined mine in a Kayaking acident. Thus far I am split down the middle, they both seem to be in about the same price range with similar features. Just wanting to hear comments and personal experience with the two brands. Thanks Thomas

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      I don't have experience with the Timex, but I'm in love with my new Garmin Forerunner 305. Since you're using it for kayaking, you may want to research the water-proof ability of both units. I do remember hearing that Timex's software was kind of janky.

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        i've been taking my garmin 305 in the ocean for outrigger canoeing and so far it has handled the saltwater fine. Accuracy out in the open ocean...well its great...no buldings or trees.. . Smile