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    So, I ran my first mile ever yesterday at the K of C 4X1 Mile relays down in Providence, RI. I was unbelievably nervous, since a good amount of the runners have already run sub-5 minute miles during the winter (oh, and I happened to be in the seeded heat for the freshman individual mile). Anyway, I ended up running a 5:05, which isn't bad for a first time. As a team, we did great. We were all freshmen, and we had a 4:54, 4:57, 5:04, and two 5:05's. Overall, I came in ninth, which isn't half bad, either. I would have liked to have done better, but the other kid who ran the 5:05 and I were probably the only ones running their first mile out there, so that makes me feel a little better about it. But, anyway, the thing I am most happy about is our team. We took five of the top ten spots, which is a great way to start the season. Now on to my next goal of the year, winning my first event (which will not be easy considering the team we have). We will see what happens...
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      Wow, that's a great time for your first race! If you work hard, I think you'll be surprised how quickly your time improves. It sounds like you have a good bunch of kids on your team, too. Keep us posted!

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        Nice job, speedy. Keep up the good work.

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          Average frosh, your times are almost identical to mine from my freshman year. Good luck, I look forward to seeing you get faster!

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            You can only get faster! A 5:05 as a frosh seems VERY fast. Just think of where you will be in a couple of years. Train smart now and it will pay off for you big time in the future. Smile

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              Nice work. I didn't break the 5 minute mile barrier until I was a senior. After you do it once, it gets a lot easier. My freshman year in college I was doing sub-5 repeats. You'll be in good shape for an excellent high school career. Just keep healthy

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                Excellent job avefrosh! Set those goals and keep after them. -Kirt

                  I never raced the mile until my senior year, but still ran like 5:19 (horrible), then a 4:48 the next race. But 5:05 is good man keep it up.