Most durable earbuds/earphones ??? (Read 207 times)

    Ok, I am getting pretty peeved that I keep buying earbuds and the plug / wire area where it goes into the music player keeps malfunctioning/breaking. I have gone through 2 sets of apple buds, 4-5 cheap pair of random brands, a skullcandy, and have purchased 2 walmart pairs only to have them malfunctioning within 10 minutes of running.  Basically they make the wire so damn cheap that any type of pull or bending of the wire is causing one side to malfunction or it is static sounding and eventually both sides go out.  I have even cut the wires and spliced them on to different pairs but keep getting problems doing that as well. I keep the mp3 player in my pocket but there is very little pulling going on regarding the wire. It is just basic movements that is tearing these piece of crap things up.  Please someone have a good response Confused    ( and not "Run without earphones" and I won't wear an armband thing either)

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      Sennheiser have always held up well for me...

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        I have both of these.  I think they are both great.

        They Jay Birds for when I need to bring a phone with me and the Sony for when its raining, I don't want a phone with me or I am racing.






        They may be a bit more than a cheap pair of ear buds but in the long run they are definitely worth it.

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          Sennheiser have always held up well for me...


          I love them, but I rarely get more than a year out of a pair...I blame my toxic sweat, however.  They do have a 2 year warranty, I believe, but I have never bothered to send a pair in for replacement.  I just grab the previous models when they drop in price.  I probably don't spend more than $25 on a pair, which doesn't seem all that unreasonable for something that gets a lot of use and suits my needs well (I love the fit in my ears and that I can still hear well through them).  I like the ones with the controls on the cord, though that's the part that has bugged-out on my current pair.  I have another pair still in the package for when they really flake-out.  Right now I just can't adjust the volume any louder via the cord controls.  I can still advance and go back tracks and lower the volume.  They worked perfectly until a few particularly sweaty runs back in July that totally shorted them out temporarily.

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            I'm really happy with my yurbuds. I've had them for over a year.



              I had the same problems until I tried a set of these --




              The wiring is much heavier than on all the other sets I've tried. They're super cheap but have surprisingly decent sound (ymmv). I use them for both running and at work (I'm a mechanic) so they get the crap beaten out of them on a daily basis. Had them for about a year so far and no problems. Good luck with your search.



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                I bought a pair of Yurbuds and the volume and track function is broken already within 3 months.  I don't think they are made for humid weather.


                I liked the Yurbuds but for that issue.  My go to is a pair of Philips earbuds that last me close to a year in humid and wet weather.



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                  I'm really happy with my yurbuds. I've had them for over a year.


                  I was given a pair of Yurbuds and found that they do not actually stay put.   If I have to run on the TM, due to bad weather, I sweat a lot.  They worked great for a week then one would always work loose.  Skullcandy didn't work for more that 4 months either - the sweat killed them.


                  In general, I prefer earbuds that with a cord that wraps around your ear to take the strain off the cable. For that reason I bought a pair of the cheapest Shure earbubs ($99) 6 or 7 years ago.  I still have then but the cable has fractured on one side.  So, in the long run they worked out cheaper than buying a pair every 6-9 months.  They never came loose and held up to sweat.   I used them for running and general use while traveling - worked well on planes. .  Will likely breakdown and get another pair but may try Sennheiser first.

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                    Ditto on Yurbuds.  I have the "middle" model - cloth cord, no controls, and they're still going strong *knocks on wood*.


                    It's important to get the earpiece sizing right.  And, the sound quality isn't that great, but I've always said you shouldn't be worried about booming, head-filling bass when you're running, anyway.  I mostly listen to spoken-word audio, so as long as I can make out what's being said, I'm happy.


                    I've also had a pair of these for...I guess almost two years now, and they still work:


                    Cheap Phillips


                    They look a little goofy, but they let in ambient sound and they have a reflective neckband.  And, they still work!

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                      Forgot to mention one Yurbud headphone stopped working last week.  I bought them at the end of June, so I will not buy another pair since they didn't last very long.



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                        I use these and have for years.  They last awhile and are cheap to replace when they do give out.  My favorite feature is the ablity to hear ambient noise along with my music or podcast.  I feel safer being able to hear a car coming up behind me.


                          My current pair are Ultimate Ears and they seem to be holding up pretty well.


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