Run in your recovery from alcohol or drug abuse? (Read 191 times)


    Was the ultramarathoner Rich Roll?  I listened to his book on my runs and really enjoyed it.  He also has a lot of podcasts I heard were good.  Really enjoyed reading this thread.  I probably have an addictive personality too.  For several years i was drinking too much too.  I'm not sure if I was addicted since it was easy to stop and now just have a drink a couple times a month but I was definitely abusing it at the time by drinking everyday and when stressed.  Last year I decided to get healthy and dropped 40 pounds.  Once I got to a healthy weight I moved on to focusing on becoming a better runner.  I'm definitely an all or nothing kind of person that gets sort of obsessed about the things I care about.


    My alcoholic ex used running and swimming to fill up her addiction void with a positive addiction (before I met her). And through her met several others who used endurance sports as therapy and recovery. Post-race and post-open water swim parties were BORING ! But seriously, YES, I would highly recommend that people in recovery take up running. Who's that guy that was an addict, quit and took up running and within 2 years was a national caliber ultra runner?


    I think any endurance ath-tivity makes for a great meditative recovery and maintenance system regarding addictions. In my personal observations, (science, pop-science and $elf Help Indu$try aside) some people have addictive personalities, and the "trick" is to entertain a positive addiction (or mostly positive) to supplant a negative addiction (sure, ok, everyone is special, and their addiction is special).


      This made me laugh out loud about the amazon!  I may also have an amazon addiction...

      When I quit drinking almost 32 years ago I was not a runner. Turns out, like another poster, I have addictive tendencies, in other words I get addicted to things quite easily.


      Running is one of those things.


      My wife says Amazon is another but I don't see it. Just because the mail lady shows up at our doorstep with a package almost every day is no sign of addiction. I can stop anytime but first I have to order some paperclips then I'll stop. No wait, I also need some...

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        See how they run...