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    It was a very warm day for a marathon. Start temp about 60, finishing temp about 80. Didn't really like the course, either. Finished in 3:31:13, matching my time from the Ogden Marathon 4 weeks ago exactly, and finished 3rd in my age group (M5054), which is exactly where I finished at Ogden. The only difference? With the warm day, this was a much harder run. I felt this one when I was done.
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      Great run! I'm sure with it being warmer you can credit yourself a few "heat minutes" when you think about your time, right? After all, it does slow you down... Congrats on both your time and your placing!

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        That has to be hard to run when the temperature changes so drastically from start to finish. In a situation like that do you wear layers and simply toss things when it gets too warm? I've heard that by the end of the 5/3 Riverbank 25k that there is usually clothing strewn all over the sidelines of the course. I think you did awesomely under the circumstances! Big grin k

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          Pron8r, Congrats on completing yet another marathon even though it's not the most ideal conditions. I did a double take on the finish time because it's identical to the Ogden Marathon. Talk about consistency! I don't care what you say, that is still an awesome marathon time. Besides, you're running a marathon every 4 or 5 weeks, which is incredible in itself. I wish you the best of luck with your remaining marathons!
            Pron8r, I'm impressed!! Heck, I'd be excited to live through a marathon & to finish that high up in two in just a month or so...you are amazing! Smile And zoom zoom was right, the clothing on the streets after the 5/3 Riverbank 25K could probably outfit a small third-world country. That is, if they didn't mind clothes that smell like dead people!! Big grin
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              Thanks for the comments. As far as layering--yes, I normally do and discard as I go along. This was the first marathon I didn't need to layer at the start, which was kind of nice. As for "heat minutes"--I like the concept. Don't know if I can get many race directors to buy into it, though. It would also be nice to get credit for "hill minutes", and "wind minutes", and... Wink
              My Masters (>50) Race PR's: 5K - 20:17 10K - 42:36 HM - 1:31:22 Marathon - 3:20:48