Garmin- anyone else have software problems? (Read 133 times)

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    So mad right now.  Ever since Garmin "modernized" the connect website I have had issues with uploads.  Today I had to do an update and 2 of my workouts have disappeared.  One workout had a personal record and the record appears on the watch but all my history is GONE.  It's a forerunner 10.  So pissed about losing data.

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      No problems uploading to RA using USB connection from my FR220.  Works every time.   Are you having trouble with RA or with the Garmin site?  I don't pay any attention to whether I upload my data to Garmin's site as it is useless in my opinion.

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        Unless you have cleared your history, the data should still be in your watch.  Can you connect via usb cable and extract the activities?  (I'm not familiar with the FR 10).


        I *really* do not like the new Garmin Connect.  My watch, uploads, and the site have not pissed me off in about three weeks though, so I'm not going to complain too much right now.


        on my way to badass

          I did connect with a USB.  The watch itself says there is nothing there and RA and Garmin Connect both said I had no new activities to upload.  I can't believe how upset I was about losing 2 workouts.

          Still waiting for the perfect race picture. 5K PR-33:52 , 10K PR 1:11:16, First HM 2:42:28

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            When you connect your FR10 to your pc via usb, it should become a storage device. (assuming it works like other FR usb devices) You should be able to browse to the Garmin -> Activities folder on it and find the FIT files from your workout and manually upload them.


            The most common successful approach to fixing why they aren't uploading is to uninstall the Garmin USB driver and Garmin Communicator plug-in software and re-install them.

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              Preparing to uninstall everything Garmin. Did not have any real issuers untill  I installed Garmin express 

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