Import from Garmin Connect not working (Read 198 times)


    No import errors. I figured the problem was on Garmins end, but wanted to check. I did figure out a work around. I exported a TCX file out of Garmin Connect and the imported the TCX to Running Ahead. That took about a minute and worked great.


    And kudos to Running Ahead. Your free site is more user friendly and works better than the Garmin site.

    eric :)

      Hi johngecko,

      Could you download the FIT files from Garmin Connect and try manually importing them?  If they fail, could you send them to me so I can take a look?  On a related note, I did fix the importer a few days ago.  The importer rejected some of the FIT files because they contained unknown data values.  There were also a batch of TCX files that were rejected as well because whatever software created those files did not follow the file format specification.


      eric Smile


        Interesting . . . I can no longer import my Garmin with Firefox, but now somehow when I enter an exercise in My Fitness Pal it imports to Running Ahead.  Not sure what I did! 


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