Best way to move a treadmill (Read 45 times)


    Hi everyone! Long time!


    we are moving and my True Treadmill is on our 2nd floor. When I asked the movers if they could disassemble they said yes but it may be more practical to move it assembled.


    that thing weighs 350lbs and is long. I’m not sure they realize it’s on the second floor.


    It can’t be moved assembled right? There’s no way the width plus arms would fit thru a standard doorway.


    it’s a PS300

    should I see disassemble it myself or pay to have a treadmill person disassemble and bring downstairs?


    it’s my first treadmill




      How did it make it onto the 2nd floor when you first brought it home? Do that in reverse...

      And you can quote me as saying I was mis-quoted. Groucho Marx




        I paid a bunch of money. 😏

        actually the service was included but I’m not sure if I should trust regular movers to do it or have specialized experienced treadmill technicians do it.


          For me, regular movers will be fine. Just watch them while they work and supervise.


            Good idea, thanks. I did find that some movers say they do it and some don’t. I guess I can assume some have experience. I suppose I can take it apart myself too...