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    I don't like the word "tights". Yeah, they keep my legs warm in the winter but, it's just not a very masculine sounding name. Unless your last name is Baryshnikov or you commute to work in the Batmobile, men shouldn't wear tights. Why hasn't some marketing genius come up with a better name? I'm uneasy admitting "I wore my tights on my run last night." but, I wouldn't saying "I'm employed my Lower Extremity Thermal Regulating System on last night's run." Or something else that could maybe turned into a cool acronym. Any ideas?


      uhm...compression pants ?

      Gandalf the Grey

        uhm...compression pants ?
        Sounds like the sort of thing you wear when you are much, much older. Clowning around So I'm told. Neil UK Smile

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          uhm...compression pants ?
          Uhm...yeah. I've never heard that phrase before but,I just googled it & it's all over the place. I've been running again for only about a year & a half. 20 years ago I wore sweatpants. I should get out more often. Thanks, Steve.
            Yeah I just call them tights. Since, you know, that's what they are.

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              Leotards? Big grin

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                  Actually I actually really like my action hero pants. They seem to be helping with my calf muscle issue. Do they make something compression for just the calf muscle.
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                    Mel Brooks, the movie Men in Tights. They have a song where they call them "tight tights". Smile
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                      Hey Pete, don't be such a wimp - go out in your shorts!!!! Big grin
                        Instead of tights, how about "Lower body base layer?" RLTW Mike